Call for immediate help!

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Dear friends, colleagues, acquaintances, freedom fighters

Putin’s treacherous war against Ukraine currently dominates the headlines. Russian tanks are rolling across Ukrainian soil, major cities are under missile fire, hundreds of thousands of people are forced to flee. The hitherto unimaginable has unfortunately become real.

The people in Switzerland have been anything but indifferent to the suffering in our home country. The wave of solidarity is overwhelming and gives a lot of strength and courage to the people in Ukraine. Your support is invaluable and highly appreciated. Thank you very much for it.

Many of you have been offering help and asking what exactly you can do. The association Ukrainians in Basel has been in close contact with aid organizations and volunteers in Ukraine since 2014, providing targeted on-site assistance. These are currently the most immediate needs:

You can transfer your donation to the following account (your donation is tax deductible):

PostFinance IBAN: CH2809000000617939209
Konto: 61-793920-9
Ukrainischer Verein Schweiz, Ortsgruppe Basel

You can also support us with the following cryptocurrencies. Click on a link for the payment details.

If it is important to you to support a specific project, please mention which of the above purposes the donation is intended for.

Many thanks in advance for any help!